Friday, August 7, 2009

Utah Trip Pics

In June we had tickets we had to use- so I booked a trip to Utah. We stayed with Kirtis' bro Alex and their family. We miss these guys so much. We hadn't seen them for an entire year, so it was a great reunion catching up with them.

It was such a relaxing week for me. Jackson played with Abby 24/7 and the older kids followed Avery's every move. They were so much fun to be with and we were so spoiled there.

Here's us in the canyon where Jackson practiced tree climbing.
Abby and Avery
All the Hill cousins.

We met some friends at the dinosaur museum in Lehi. We had never gone there when we lived there-it was awesome! So many hands on kids activities. Way better than the Natural History Museum here!

This was our old joyschool group! It was so fun catching up with you guys!

Here's lunch with some of our friends from our little North Salt Lake neighborhood. I get so teary thinking about what wonderful friends we had there! Love you guys!


Joey and Nettifer said...

we love you and miss you tons! Good luck on your new home and how awesome that your mom is going to live next door! Love it!

Veronica said...

That was so fun getting to see you! It's like no time had passed at all :)