Saturday, September 19, 2009

First day of preschool

Jackson loves school. He never wants to leave and loves making friends.
We started a co-op preschool last week- with 5 other families. We were going to do Haymarket Baptist- but decided to put that tuition money toward the house instead-so each time I teach preschool, I will just pretend I am paying myself 1 and a half months' tuition instead!
We have an awesome group of moms and kids. I have no doubt Jackson will have a blast, learn tons and make great friends. Works for me!

Here's the classic school pose: (I can't believe this is his last year before Kindergarten! Crazy!)

These are just for me- I had to see how much he's grown up in the last 2 years.
This is his first day of little lambs one year ago!

This is his first day of Joyschool in North Salt Lake 2 years ago!

I love this little guy. He is definitely growing up too fast.


Joyce said...

He looks so happy!!

Kristin and Joe said...

Cute! Oh - we so miss having him do preschool with our little ones here!

Angie said...

Wow. Great pictures---he is growing up! Sniff sniff!

Amy said...

They do change so much. He looks very grown up in this year's picture. It sounds like he's loving it.