Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Living vicariously.

I've got the decorating bug.
The problem however is, I have no house to decorate. (yet!) And Kirtis made me solemnly swear to not put a single hole in the wall in this beautiful-crap-of-a-place. So I'm living vicariously for now.
Here's a few pieces of inspiration to hold me over:

I'd love to have a guest room in my house, just like this. Hey, I'd love to have a guest room in my house, period. But isn't this gorgeous? via Abbey goes design scouting
I have no idea where I found this picture, but isn't it a cute idea for a dining room?
Don't you absolutely adore this ruffle pillow? It doesn't look too hard to make either. Too bad my sewing machine is in storage. (Storage is getting to be a dirty word around here! It's a synonym for a life-on-hold, but hopefully not delayed-happiness. I mean, we still try to live-in-the-now and enjoy each day, hard as that may sometimes be.

from ducks in a row

p.s. Our new house has windows, a front and back door, and most of a roof!
Practically move-in-ready!


Rachel said...

It has been too long! I don't believe how big your kids are and you look great as usual. I am jealous of your new house! Maybe one day!!

Mandi said...

I love all of those...I wish I had an unlimited budget- or maybe I could just get on a home makeover show. :)

melbel said...

I love how bright everything is! I'd love to see your decorations after you move into your new house. Now that's something to look forward to!

Gina said...

I'm sure my decorations won't even come close. I just don't have the eye (or the budget!) to put the whole picture together. However, I can dream!!

Jeni said...

It's your lucky day! A tutorial for a ruffle pillow just like that one popped up on my google reader this week!

Monica said...

All of those were sooo cute. My sister once decided to keep a book of all the ideas she saw and liked so that one day when she did have the house and the budget, the ideas would already be there. Maybe a book like that would help!

Amy said...

Oh, wouldn't it be lovely to have all the money in the world to decorate a house just like all those fancy pictures?? It really would be so fun. Those pictures are beautiful. I really want to do my bedroom someday in baby blue and chocolate brown. But we need to own a house again first. I'm excited at all the progress on your house.

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

I love that idea in the family room as well, and Laurel's pillow is beautiful. I love to live vicariously in pictures too :)