Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Snow White and her Knight in Shining Armor:

Hope you all had a fun Halloween night like we did.
Avery really got into the trick or treating after the first door. She was practically running and doing the sign for "more". Both kids took it very seriously, and Jackson made sure Avery always got candy at every door.
Halloween just gets more fun every year!


Jen said...

The little cuties!

Haha, first comment!

Amy said...

how fun!! your kids are so cute!! Jackson is such a good big brother to little Avery

Veronica said...

So cute!!!! Can't believe how fast the kids grow up.

Amy said...

Hey! Emily was Snow White too (see my blog for details)! Both Jackson and Avery look great. I'm glad you had a good Halloween.

Anna Cosby said...

gina, too funny but my boys wore the exact same costume as Jackson - from Costco right?