Monday, October 5, 2009

Two is better than one.

Kids are awesome.And two kids are better than one.

That goes for binkies too.


Jen said...

A well-illustrated post.

Veronica said...

Mmmm. Nothin like a good nose pick!!

Angie said...

Your kids are adorable Gina. And I am so excited for you and your decorating your new pad! That will be so much fun. The house is coming along! By the way, the mum is absolutely gorgeous. You are such a great friend/visiting teacher!!!

Lynette said...

I found your blog through Erika's. I hope you don't mind me blog-stalking you :) Thanks for visiting me can come by whenever!! Especially if you need to get away from your apartment :)

I love those pictures of your kids. I find Bryn with her finger up her nose all the time too!

Amy said...

I love the finger up the nose! She must learn that from someone.....She's got some skills to do two pacifiers at once.

Oh, and I about died at all the hair she suddenly has. So cute.