Monday, January 25, 2010

A few pics

So here's a couple of old pics from when we moved into our house. There was 18 inches of untouched snow in the backyard! Awesome! We painted our morning room green and we love it.

I've got tons to blog about-
Avery turned 2
House pics
and more

We are finally starting to hang up a few things on walls.

I will be needing all of your decorating ideas soon.
Also, check out my friend's new awesome website "Budget Wise Home". Tons of awesome decorating tips on the cheap.


Joey and Nettifer said...

Look at those amazing windows! And a morning room? Adorable! Love it!

Amy said...

I don't even know what a morning room is, let alone have one. It sounds so fancy, though. And kind of romantic. Your backyard is incredible.

Joyce said...

After I move in next door, I want to walk over every morning and have breakfast in your lovely morning room.