Sunday, January 31, 2010

Recap of December

When Kirtis' dad died, it rocked our world. We miss him terribly. Of course, even though it feels like life should stop completely, it doesn't. Lucky for us, we have two happy-go-lucky little kids who help us remember all the good things in life.

Kirtis and Jackson built a snow cave in the big Dec 09 Blizzard.

Jackson was in heaven with the 18 inches of snow! He told me (last summer) that winter was his favorite season. (Now that it's January though, he keeps asking me when summer will be here. :)

Avery turned two on December 20. She is growing up so fast. We love her.

Avery had to have a little "preview" of the cake.

Santa came to Grandma's House

He brought too much stuff but the kids were indeed very good this year.
Avery got Dolls, a bike and a little people dollhouse.
Jackson got Spike the dinosaur, a lacrosse stick, a superman costume.

We love our snuggies!
Thanks, hon.


melbel said...

Wow! You have much more snow in Virginia than we do in Utah. How'd that happen?

Glad you had a good Christmas and found joy in The Plan.

Tami said...

Love all the fun pictures. Life does keep moving. You guys are awesome!

Amy said...

Your kids are too cute, you guys are always in our prayers. Love the snow cave that is cool!! Glad to see Jackson got a lacrosse stick!

Anna Cosby said...

That spider man costume is fantastic.

Amy said...

Looks like a fantastic December. Look at all that snow! I'd die. Glad the kids are loving it, though.

Avery is looking so big! She's a cutie.