Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I love my life.

We had a gorgeous day here.
Jackson's and his darling cousin played together most of the day. They are so cute together.

It was sunny and warm.
I painted my toenails.
I made lazagna soup, (thanks to my sister in law who always gives me awesome recipes!)
and homemade bread - (Check out this book)
We walked to the playground. (What a difference it makes to your spirit to be able to breathe fresh air!)
Had a lovely friend and her lovely daughters for dinner.
Ate snickerdoodles. (yum!)
I got giant kisses from Jackson all over my face at bedtime.
Avery can now say "I love you". It's just one long-sticky-syllable. But there's nothing more perfect than those words from her chubby little face.
I love being a mom.

Avery asleep on the couch today! Love those chubby lips!


Tami said...

What a good day! You are awesome! I look forward to running with you again when your hubby gets back in town. :-)

Jen said...

It is nice for me to hear about happy siblings today, because Grace was just crying saying, "I don't want my baby brother. I want a baby sister."

Amy said...

Spring must be in the air! Doesn't it just give a new, fresh look on life?? Glad for such a good day for you.