Monday, April 26, 2010

Good day.

Beautiful day. I love rain. It makes me feel at home. I think it has to do something with all those giant Texas thunderstorms I grew up with. Also, 18 months in Hawaii (most of it on the rainy side of the Big island) helped to contribute to my love affair!

Our seeds in the garden are popping through the soil. So exciting!

We got Kirtis' wardrobe snazzed up a little for his new job tonight.  He's gonna look sharp.

Jackson is growing up so fast. He still blows me kisses and "throws me hugs" though. I hope that lasts a long time.
Avery wants to sleep with every single stuffed animal she owns (which feels like a million!) so there's always a huge pile on and around her bed (and, well, everywhere!) but she loves them so much I just don't care. 
Avery trusts Jackson so much. She'll reach for his hand if the ground is unstable and Jackson will always protect her (by growling) at people we don't know. I hope that doesn't change too much either. 

I wish I could just bottle my kids up at the age they are, and then pop the cork off in 20 years and just experience them at this age again. They just change too fast.

 I used Clover Lane's Tutorial for my new banner. (I love her blog) I'm so happy with how my new banner turned out- and it was super easy!


Megs said...

I love the new banner and was going to email you to ask you how you did it so thanks for the link. I know what you mean about your kids. Blake has been doing things lately that I think I never ever want things to change or for him to grow up. So fun. Wish kids could come for a portion of the reunion so we could meet them all in person.

Tami said...

I love the new banner too. It was so good to run with you. I forget how much we have in common with Hawaii, too. I always remember the Texas. :-) I feel that way too, I wish I could bottle my kids up each day, too. Have a great day!

Amy said...

your banner rocks, I was meaning to tell you. Also, I agree with the kid thing, I lay awake at night and already start to miss the age they are at, which they are still in it and I am already missing it, just because one day I will. Does that all make sense:) ?