Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Okay, so these are way funnier in the moment than after the fact, but I still have to journal them for memory's sake.

We were at Chic-fil-A with the kids and my mom and this kid was WHINING so loud to his mom. Even Jackson noticed and said "Mom, that kid is really whining." I responded, trying to make a lesson out of this to the effect of- "That's not a good way to get your mom's attention- if you really want to get your mom's attention you should........Jackson fills in: "WHINE WHINE WHINE!"

Okay, so he's probably right about that one.

Then Avery finished her ice cream and was yelling: "MORE more more!" I was pouring some of my mom's milkshake into Avery's cup when I asked Avery, "Avery what do you say to Grandma?"
Avery: "BIG BIG BIG!" (Her way of basically saying: give me a LOT!)

BIG news: Avery learned to pedal her bicycle today! She was so proud of herself and I was too. It's so much fun to watch her grow up. Also, she now can get herself out of the van all-by-herself!
And Jackson just takes on life with so much energy and enthusiasm (though that's not always the way I would explain it because he wears me out so much!) Today he learned to get on his old big wheel, pedal backwards down the driveway as fast as he could, then screech on his brakes while turning to pull himself full-speed-ahead laughing all the way! Man he is not afraid of anything!

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