Monday, May 31, 2010

Strawberry Picking

We went strawberry picking with a few friends last week at Hartland Orchard. It was beautiful! Avery was really into picking and finding strawberries. (She doesn't like to eat them, though.) Jackson (who LOOOOVES to eat strawberries) was more into running up and down the rows, and complaining about the gnats. (They were pretty bad!)
It was a lot of work for a few strawberries- it was nice to have mom there to help Avery fill her basket. Next year we'll (hopefully!) get our act together and grow some of our own. Overall, it was a fun experience.
Jackson was a little grumpy as you can see. But he was happy to eat the strawberries! Kids are so funny. :)

It's feeling quite summery!

Ah! I love these hot days! The pool opened on Saturday and we've already been twice.  I love it. We had an awesome time at the Hunter's BBQ on Saturday - no pics-  but SO much fun. They know how to throw a party! The kids had so much fun playing with friends- their favorite part of course is playing with the farm animals. Avery couldn't get enough of their goats- she just kept hugging them and petting them and they were so gentle!
The kids found a turtle and he's our new pet for the time being. I say he needs to go back home to the woods- but it's under debate. He's a very cool turtle. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I had the BEST time ever in Seattle with my college girfriends. Look at these girls! I love them. All beautiful, wonderful, genuine, amazing women. It was SO uplifting to be around them. Everyone is so real, and so the SAME then as now. I feel so lucky to know them and be able to maintain our awesome friendships. We had so much fun- It had been a long time since I've laughed so much!
Thanks ladies for the awesome weekend!! Can't wait for the next one in 2013!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bye Grandma and a crazy week

Sunday Grandma Hill left for Utah. It's been really hard on us knowing she would be leaving. It about ripped poor Jackson's heart out. We said goodbye Sunday morning before she left with uncle Alex for her trek cross-country.    
Okay, I'm teary just thinking about this. But she is in great hands. Alex and Polly will make sure she is taken care of. We're just going to miss her a lot!

Also, Sunday would have been Alex Sr.'s 60th birthday. So it was a pretty sad day for us. Tuesday marked 2 years since my dad passed away. I've of course been thinking a lot about our grandpas this week and wishing they could come and play with the grandbabies. I'm wondering if someday I'll understand all of this. I know there is a plan though and part of this life was pain and not all roses. But we CHOSE this plan because we knew it was the better way.
As for something happy, I'm off to Seattle in a few hours for a reunion with my college girlfriends. I'm so excited for the mental break and knowing I'll come back all refreshed and ready to be a mom again.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I had to tell a lie.

To the left of my house is my mom's house. (It's dreamy- and yes I know how lucky I am!) To the right is an empty lot. It's looked like this- with a few inches of water. 

When Spring came and the frogs came out from hibernation- we found hundreds of tadpoles in our little "pond".

Every day we checked on them. We watched them grow and swim and feed on the moss. We read books about tadpoles and frogs and learned they are also called "polliwogs."
The pond started to shrink because it didn't rain for awhile. So Jackson would pray for rain. And it would rain. (Kid you not.) 
Yesterday after I got out of the shower, I saw this:
Now what would you tell your child?

I watched the bulldozer scoop up the water and carry it to another pond. A big beautiful pond with lots of water, where they could grow up to be frogs and live a happy life. 
Can't childhood just be a little magical? 

When have you lied or stretched the truth for your kids? 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tis the soccer season

Jackson is loving soccer this year! It has been so much fun to watch him. This year he is old enough to really understand the game. He's also the tallest kid on the team, which gives him quite an advantage. It makes me so happy to seem him laughing and smiling while he's playing! What a cutie.
Dad caught him scoring a goal on film in a series of still shots. Kind of fun.

Almost there!

I think this look is a mix of happiness and disbelief. Score! 
We can't forget this soccer babe. It's not easy being a spectator.

But sometimes you get treats at the end like the big kids! Not bad. :)