Monday, May 31, 2010

It's feeling quite summery!

Ah! I love these hot days! The pool opened on Saturday and we've already been twice.  I love it. We had an awesome time at the Hunter's BBQ on Saturday - no pics-  but SO much fun. They know how to throw a party! The kids had so much fun playing with friends- their favorite part of course is playing with the farm animals. Avery couldn't get enough of their goats- she just kept hugging them and petting them and they were so gentle!
The kids found a turtle and he's our new pet for the time being. I say he needs to go back home to the woods- but it's under debate. He's a very cool turtle. :)


just jen said...

logan is SO jealous of that turtle...he wants to know why we don't have one!

JaNae said...

Maya and Alice have been eating up these pictures....they want to come play with your turtle! Does he have a name?

Gina said...

The turtle "escaped" last night to his home in the woods.