Monday, May 31, 2010

Strawberry Picking

We went strawberry picking with a few friends last week at Hartland Orchard. It was beautiful! Avery was really into picking and finding strawberries. (She doesn't like to eat them, though.) Jackson (who LOOOOVES to eat strawberries) was more into running up and down the rows, and complaining about the gnats. (They were pretty bad!)
It was a lot of work for a few strawberries- it was nice to have mom there to help Avery fill her basket. Next year we'll (hopefully!) get our act together and grow some of our own. Overall, it was a fun experience.
Jackson was a little grumpy as you can see. But he was happy to eat the strawberries! Kids are so funny. :)

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Team Covey said...

That picture of your mom and Avery is to DIE for! It is obvious they are grandma and grandgirl - they look so darling together. Yay for strawberries.