Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More garden surprises......

Every day our garden changes and grows! It's so fun to watch. 
And yes, we are a little obsessed.
This flower popped out of one of our pepper plants! What a lovely surprise!
I feel like these little cantaloupes are my babies!
They are growing so fast!

I'm having twins! (ha ha)

Tamaters. Think red happy thoughts!

Last but not least, a baby bell pepper.

p.s. we're eating our zucchini and squash for dinner tonight: 
Here's the recipe:

Summer Fettucine

Fettucine noodles
olive oil
fresh garlic
red onion
1 yellow squash
1 zucchini
corn or other vegetable
diced tomatoes
fresh parsley
fresh basil

Cook fettucine noodles according to the directions.
In a saucepan pour olive oil to coat the pan. Add fresh chopped garlic and red onion. Chop up yellow squash and zucchini. Add to saucepan after garlic and onions have cooked (5 minutes). Chop up your fresh basil and parsley. Add diced tomatoes, basil, parsley and corn (or fresh green beans if you like) to the saucepan. Let heat until your fettucine is done. Pour contents of saucepan over fettucine. Top with grilled chicken. Enjoy!


Heidi said...

Mmmmm Gina that sounds so good! I love fresh summer meals like that.

Megs said...

Your garden is awesome!! while I am not wishing for warmer weather since we don't have a/c, it would really help my garden out :) Can't wait to see more updates.