Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Girls Camp

I went to Girls Camp for the week. I was the level 2 certification leader for the stake. It was such an awesome experience. I used to love Girls Camp when I was young, but to be honest, I wasn't totally looking forward to going as a leader.... being away from my family, not sleeping much, being hot and sweaty...etc. But it turned out to be such a FUN and awesome week. The ladies up there were hilarious and I nearly wet my pants laughing several times. Also the young girls were so much fun. It was so funny to see the skits and cheers they would come up with. So hilarious.
We hiked and ate wildberries, had water fights, ate LOTS of sugar, had a snipe hunt. I got to make snipe sounds in the woods- so hilarious- and I made some awesome new friends.

The last night we were there they did a re-enactment of Lehi's Dream. Each girl was blindfolded, then had their hands placed on a rope that would lead them to a lit-up tree. In front of the tree, they had this adorable couple (The Norths) who were dressed in white and hugged each girl at the end.  It was awesome to see how each of us is on our own journey and we just have to keep holding on to what is right and if we do, we will get to the end, and reach our heavenly home. It strengthened my faith to watch these young girls who have so much faith, go through this experience.

I didn't think I would say this, but I would totally do it again!

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