Monday, July 19, 2010

Sleep Solution

Avery's been the WORST sleeper lately. Even on days she doesn't nap she won't fall asleep until 11pm. Most nights we give into her crying and she stays up late watching TV with us. Needless to say, it wears us ALL out. 

Tonight Kirtis asked her why she was crying and she said "the window....i scared"-
So he threw her in Jackson's bed (he had already fallen asleep and always sleeps at the bottom... NOT on his pillow. )
She was asleep within 5 minutes!

How sweet is that?
Looks like we might be in the market for some bunkbeds!


just jen said...

connor and logan couldn't live without their bunkbeds...i love them too! that way i can stick them in bed and i know they will stay.

do it!

Lynette said...

Funny girl!! My old pediatrician always said kids slept better together...maybe it's true!

Jen said...

That method helped my SIL, too. Awesome!

Amy said...

Poor girl, being so scared. I'm glad she found solace in Jackson's bed.

Your sprinkler pics were fun and I love Avery's cute buns in her big girl undies. Way to go on potty training. It's a feat we've yet to accomplish with Dallinboy.