Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rainy day rambles

It rained yesterday. Pretty much the whole day. It was disappointing because we were having friends over and had planned to do water activities in the backyard. However, I'm always happy when it rains because it means I don't have to water our grass and garden. Yeah!

The other good thing about rain, is we have to stay home, and when I stay home I sometimes get around to purging. I have a long list of places to clean out. The BIG ONE is the basement- but I haven't been brave enough to get there yet. The kids played this coin game from No time for flash cards for a good hour while I got to clear out the kids craft cabinet. That felt good.
I used quarters instead of gold coins- and they loved it. I filled in the circles with numbers. It's great because Jackson learns addition, and Avery learns numbers- but to them it's just a fun new hide and seek kind of game.

Wanna hear an embarrassing story? Yesterday I had no piano lessons and Kirtis had to work late, so I planned an evening Target run for school supplies, then a chic-fil-a dinner for the kids.  Long story short, I dented our van on the shopping cart corral as I pulled out of target. My friend Monica was coming out of Target and saw the whole thing happen. At first we saw no damage, then I see this soccer ball size dent! OOOPS! I felt so bad.  So I called Kirtis crying and he told me not to worry about it. It's not like we're driving a lexus. Good point. Then I have blotchy eyes and the kids are begging to go in for dinner, so we do, even though my eyes haven't really recovered, and I see another friend and their family. So I have to explain why I have blotchy crying eyes.  Oh well! I guess I'm glad to live in a place where you always run into people you know when you're shopping, but it would have been nice to have dented the car without anyone I know there to see it happen!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The tables have turned

I'm too lazy to find my camera and unload whatever pics may be on it.
Until then, some thoughts.
Life is good.

My kids are just perfect.
They've both gone through some tough phases. Jackson was a tough toddler and can still be a tough kid at times. But I've had so many proud parenting moments in the past few weeks.
Manners learned.
Apologies given.

A few days ago we had a women's shin dig at the church in the middle of the day. A few teenagers were babysitting the kids in the other room. Jackson and Avery were watching a movie. There chairs were right next to each other and Jackson had his arm around Avery, and Avery was leaning onto his shoulder. Honestly, that moment really sums up their relationship. Yes they have their squabbles, but they are truly best friends and it makes me so happy and proud to be their mom.

I feel like having a 5 year old gives me the perspective I wanted so badly when he was 2, 3 and even 4 years old. Honestly, just to know that he would turn into a good kid.

But now, even though he's not a perfect kid (but pretty near close- hey, I can say that I'm his mom, right!) I now know that he is a GREAT person. He cares about others. He works hard. He's fun to be around.  He's funny and creative and smart, and an awesome big brother, son, grandson and friend.

Now, when Avery throws tantrums and frustrates me to know end, I can really chalk it up to being a toddler, not bad parenting. She'll turn out great. Hey, she IS great already. I notice more of the good and let the bad stuff go. I savor all the little sweet moments more because I know how quickly they'll be gone........ my 5 year old buddy going to Kindergarten in 21 days.....