Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hiking in prince william forest

The last few weeks we've tried to pack in some more activities since summer is getting away with us!
My brother Ryan was super-dad for a weekend while my sister-in-law went to her brother's wedding. We went hiking one morning a few weeks ago with him in Prince William Forest.

 It was serious fun business. I love prince william forest! There was so much to explore and discover. We need to go back more often.
They found a hidden treasure. (A geocache... is that what it's called?)
Climbed some really cool rocks
It was a great adventure with their cousins!


JaNae said...

Too cute!!!

Amy said...

It looks so pretty there! I bet they all loved exploring and finding stuff. We've done a geocache before and it was fun. I love all the kiddos with their backpacks on.