Friday, October 15, 2010


The other thing we wanted to do before school started was head to the Baltimore Aquarium. We love aquariums and Tammy bought us passes for Christmas last year.

Baltimore is so fun to visit. The kids love seeing all the ships in the harbor.

We had to see Calypso the sea turtle and also Zoe the Zebra Shark. Such amazing animals.

Ready for the dolphin show

I love Baltimore. I just wish it wasn't an hour and a half away or we would be there more often!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Peach Picking

At the end of August we headed to Hartland Orchard for some peach picking. We picked a cooler day so it was just perfect! Mom was going to stay home and get things done, but she changed her mind as we were pulling out. We're glad she came a long!

You're not really supposed to climb the trees, but I just had to get these perfect peaches near the top.

The kids are obsessed with willow trees. Whenever they see one they yell "Willow tree!!" They saw this one on the way home from the orchard and insisted that we stop. It was so huge! They could have played forever in there!

When we got home we made Fresh Peach Pie- Cindy Congdon's recipe. It was aMAZING! I already can't wait for next August!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello! I'm alive

Boy I have some catching up to do! Here's a random list of what we've been up to.

1. My mother in law Kristi was here for a month. We had a blast. And she kept our fridge and tummies full. I gained 5 pounds.
2. Jackson loves Kindergarten. It is so his style. When I went to lunch with him, two little girls told me they were "in love with Jackson." I told them I loved him too- he's such a fun and nice boy! Kirtis and I sometimes fight over who gets to take him to (or pick up) from the bus stop.
3. I had a sinus infection from hades.
4. I've taught a bazillion piano lessons and I'm seriously loving it! I've been so blessed in this endeavor and surprised by the response! It has been such a great way to get to know more people in our community. I love watching these kiddos progress, and I'm learning SO much too.
5. Avery is a master toilet-user. It took a little time, but not too bad compared to her brother. This is such a great milestone. I'm so proud of her and glad for ME. :)
6. I have a million photos to post. I've got to catch up sometime.
7. We put in new landscaping. It looks great. We've only killed one tree so far.
8. My sister Tammy is getting married in November. We are so happy for her. My mom has been the super wedding planner/dressmaker/designer/wardrobe-shopper/cake-maker extraordinaire.
9. My husband is amazing. Builder/landscaper/father/employee/exececutivesecretary/he does it ALL, and works harder than anyone I know, but always puts me first. I'm super lucky.
10. I'm so happy that it finally feels like fall! Enough of the 90 degree temps already!