Thursday, October 14, 2010

Peach Picking

At the end of August we headed to Hartland Orchard for some peach picking. We picked a cooler day so it was just perfect! Mom was going to stay home and get things done, but she changed her mind as we were pulling out. We're glad she came a long!

You're not really supposed to climb the trees, but I just had to get these perfect peaches near the top.

The kids are obsessed with willow trees. Whenever they see one they yell "Willow tree!!" They saw this one on the way home from the orchard and insisted that we stop. It was so huge! They could have played forever in there!

When we got home we made Fresh Peach Pie- Cindy Congdon's recipe. It was aMAZING! I already can't wait for next August!


Dave and Stephanie said...

yum! those look so good! and fun too. you're mom is so cute!

Amy said...

Looks like so much fun. I LOVE weeping willow trees and that one is AMAZING. So dang huge!

We're in the throws of peaches around here. We ordered a box of delicious Utah peaches and we're doing our best to consume them before they go bad. I'll have to give you my mom's soda cracker pie recipe for either peaches or strawberries. To die for!!