Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kristi's Birthday Lunch

Kristi (my amazing and darling mother-in-law) came to town for the month of September. Her birthday is September 3rd so I planned a surprise birthday lunch for her. It would be the first time for her to see many of her friends since she moved away, so I thought it would really help her feel loved! We had a blast. I was a little nervous- it was my first time to throw a surprise party, but we pulled it off and she had no idea!
Here she is- totally surprised and holding back tears.

Kristi is THE most fun person to do something like this for. She wears her feelings on her sleeve- and just LOVES and adores her friends.

You can see what a doll she is here!

We went to El Tio because we knew it was a place Kristi loved. They brought her the birthday sombrero and she wasn't too excited about wearing it. (If you know Kristi- she's not a big fan of germs) That's as far down on her head as that hat got!!

Carol (pictured to the Left of Kristi) made the most amazing chocolate cake. (She's also an amazing cook, gardener, decorator- she does it ALL!) We pretty much died of chocolate cake death it was so good.

Here's the whole gang of folks. Kristi has so many wonderful friends- if you knew her you would want to be her friend too. She just has this magnetic personality and is so funny and warm and genuine and I want to be like her.  

Through this past year and all she has been through, losing her husband, moving and picking up and starting a new life in Utah, she has really shown me a true example of courage and faith. She decides everyday to be happy and live her life as fully as she can for her grandkids and family and friends. You are amazing Kristi and we love you!!!

Sunday Morning Pics--Aug 29, 2010

Some Sunday morning snapshots of the kids dressed up for church:

Jackson 5 years old. A week before Kindergarten. He's at such a delightful age!

Our sweet Avery Jane at 2 and a half. She is growing too quickly!

These kids really love each other! I don't have to tell them to pose like this! I love it and hope they never quit!

They had to show off their little animal books. These were something Grandpa Hill gave Jackson last summer.  Jackson loves them- him and Grandpa Hill used to have LONG conversations about animals and insects etc, and Grandpa Hill had these books when he was little, so he ordered them for Jackson. They will be treasured!

Grandma Messick! These kids love their grandma! Grandma has had to learn to be more strict with these kids since she sees them so much, but they still just adore their grandma and love to be at her house.

Those blue blue eyes! Oh never change!


My blog is in need of a little TLC!! I am so behind on all the pics. I'll start with Halloween- though I have some that I need to post from before Halloween. Bear with me while I play catch up! And I'm not offended if you don't read this post! Halloween is history!

I've seen these cute skeleton dinners for several years, but we finally did it! (The spaghetti isn't in the bowl yet!) The kids LOVED it! Avery was actually asleep for this dinner- but Jackson loved making crazy skeleton faces.

Making Sugar Cookies. It seems like no holiday is complete without cutting out cookies!

In the spirit of Halloween- He's a T-rex in these.

My two little helpers! They are growing up too fast!

Love the concentration here. :)

Pumpkin carving! Since Halloween was on Sunday we did ours that afternoon. I think this is the first time we've ever carved pumpkins in the daylight, so it made for much cuter pictures!

I loved that I didn't have to do any work for this. Kirtis took care of all the de-gutting and carving.

Mom came over to watch and Jackson got her on camera! Hi mom!

The kids wanted to go with a traditional happy pumpkin this year. Love it.

My jokester! : ) Love you babe.
The kiddos- Jackson was superman. Avery was a dalmation. I love that we went el cheapo for Halloween this year. Jackson's costume was a $1 garage sale find (that I added a red cape to) and Avery picked out a costume we already had.

Trick or treating at the Gretz's house. This pic doesn't even begin to capture the extent of the Halloween destination they created.

Trick or treating at the Chrystal and Louis' house across the street. We have GREAT neighbors.

Devouring the stash! They got several bags of chips this year and it was the first thing they wanted!
The ward trunk or treat was a day before halloween this year- so it was a sugar rush of a weekend!