Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kristi's Birthday Lunch

Kristi (my amazing and darling mother-in-law) came to town for the month of September. Her birthday is September 3rd so I planned a surprise birthday lunch for her. It would be the first time for her to see many of her friends since she moved away, so I thought it would really help her feel loved! We had a blast. I was a little nervous- it was my first time to throw a surprise party, but we pulled it off and she had no idea!
Here she is- totally surprised and holding back tears.

Kristi is THE most fun person to do something like this for. She wears her feelings on her sleeve- and just LOVES and adores her friends.

You can see what a doll she is here!

We went to El Tio because we knew it was a place Kristi loved. They brought her the birthday sombrero and she wasn't too excited about wearing it. (If you know Kristi- she's not a big fan of germs) That's as far down on her head as that hat got!!

Carol (pictured to the Left of Kristi) made the most amazing chocolate cake. (She's also an amazing cook, gardener, decorator- she does it ALL!) We pretty much died of chocolate cake death it was so good.

Here's the whole gang of folks. Kristi has so many wonderful friends- if you knew her you would want to be her friend too. She just has this magnetic personality and is so funny and warm and genuine and I want to be like her.  

Through this past year and all she has been through, losing her husband, moving and picking up and starting a new life in Utah, she has really shown me a true example of courage and faith. She decides everyday to be happy and live her life as fully as she can for her grandkids and family and friends. You are amazing Kristi and we love you!!!


Mandi said...

Why am I such a terrible friend? We left last week and there are so many people that I feel like I just didn't get to say a good goodbye to. I am so sorry! My move sort of snuck up on me. I miss you and I am so thankful for blogs so I can keep in touch and watch your little ones grow! Love you Gina!

Amy said...

Nice job, Gina! It seems like it was a huge success and I think it was really a thoughtful thing to do. That cake does look so good, by the way.

Monica said...

Happy Birthday Kristi!! I love her!! She was always soooo very sweet to me and felt like my mom in the ward! So glad she had fun!! I miss her!

Marsha said...

I'm so glad you posted these pictures but it makes me miss Kristi more! I'm sad I was in Utah for the big day. I agree with you, Kristi is so fabulous and you are just like her! :)