Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Pics--Aug 29, 2010

Some Sunday morning snapshots of the kids dressed up for church:

Jackson 5 years old. A week before Kindergarten. He's at such a delightful age!

Our sweet Avery Jane at 2 and a half. She is growing too quickly!

These kids really love each other! I don't have to tell them to pose like this! I love it and hope they never quit!

They had to show off their little animal books. These were something Grandpa Hill gave Jackson last summer.  Jackson loves them- him and Grandpa Hill used to have LONG conversations about animals and insects etc, and Grandpa Hill had these books when he was little, so he ordered them for Jackson. They will be treasured!

Grandma Messick! These kids love their grandma! Grandma has had to learn to be more strict with these kids since she sees them so much, but they still just adore their grandma and love to be at her house.

Those blue blue eyes! Oh never change!

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