Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Avery's THIRD birthday!!

Avery and Jackson decorated the cake!
Avery is the cutest 3 year old. 
We had a fun party for her at Grandma Hill's house in Utah!

It wouldn't have been her birthday without BALLOONS!

What a cheeseball. I love her huge cheesy smiles!

So she wanted a My little pony cake, so I bought one and stuck it on top! The kids thought colored marshmallows on the cake was awesome. :)

Balloons and daddy

Present time. Jackson picked out a princess chalkboard for Avery from the dollar store.

Awkward picture, but you can tell that she LOVED it. :)

Here she is opening her baby "Pinkie Pie" pony. She is the easiest girl to spoil.

Avery with her new Sally doll from Grandma Hill

Daddy on pony duty

Cake time. She was enamored with her cake and candles!

The blowout. She did it all by herself!

This look just cracks me up!

What a sweetie. She's wearing her new "3" shirt and also the princess cape I made her so her and Jackson can play superheroes together.

We just love our Avery Jane. We can't believe she's 3. 
She's our little princess. 

Visit to Idaho (December 2010)

While we were in Utah, we made a day trip up to Southern Idaho to visit some extended family. 
We had a great time eating breakfast with Kirtis' aunts and cousins and cousins kids!  It was so fun to catch up with everyone. I'm so lucky I get to be a part of such a fun family!

Cute Kristi with her cute sisters (Jane, Kristi, Suzanne)
 We also got to visit great grandpa Hill. This is Kirtis' dad's dad, Alex Seth Hill Sr.
He doesn't remember too much but it was good to be with him and we hope he felt how much we love him. Alex (Kirtis' brother) made an amazing slideshow of his dad's life and it was great to watch it together.

Grandpa Hill

The boys: Top (Kirtis, Uncle Charlie, Alex)Bottom (Landry, Grandpa, Jackson)  

We also were able to go to the Cambridge Cemetery and put flowers on Alex's grave for Christmas.  It's hard to believe it has already been a year since he passed away.
It was a hard visit. It was so cold and windy, but it felt good to do it. 
We still miss our Baga very much!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Utah Trip

Yeah! I'm finally caught up on my pics, so I can blog about our trip to Utah. Avery had 2 things on her agenda to do in Utah. 

1. Have a snowball fight with Aunt Polly (not sure why she was so specific about this!) and 
2. Drink lots and lots of chocolate milk. (I don't buy it, so whenever they want it I say they have to wait until they get to Grandma's house!)
Luckily when we got there, Grandma's house had a few inches of snow on the ground so they could make their dreams come true! And of course they drank chocolate milk to their hearts desire.

Yo ho. A pirate's life for me!

Jackson's buddy Kasen had a Pirate party a few months back. Of course, I forgot it was a dress up party till the morning of, so this is what we came up with. Jackson came up with the idea of using my belt as a satchel. Red fabric from the closet for the hat, arm band and belt. 
His tough looks completed the outfit. 
Boys are so much fun!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thanksgiving time

After Tammy's wedding we had some good quality family time. Here's all the kiddos checking out Tyson's scuba diving photos. So mesmorizing!

Game time!

Cousin love! Ruby and Avery.

Hanging out

More cousin time

Aunt Rhonda and baby Cora

Cute baby Cora! (Sorry I forgot to rotate- too late now!)

trying out santa hats

little poser. :)

Jackson and Aunt Rhonda

Rhonda and Greg's family stayed the whole week of thanksgiving. It was so fun to have them around, and the kids were seriously sad to see them go!

Just pick your favorite of all these.  Too hard to get one good shot of all those kiddos. My favorite is Ruby's face in this one, and the next one! Drama! Love it. :)

Here's a random pic I had to throw in. These kids love to squeeze together to watch TV.  We find them like this all the time. I'm knocking on wood that they keep loving each other a LONG time!

Tammy's Wedding

Here's our handsome Jackson with his cute cousin Hayley, trying out a few dance moves.
My youngest Sister Tammy got married on November 20 in the Washington DC temple. She has awesome pics on her blog but I thought I'd post a few from my camera. They were super smart and did the reception the night before, so when they woke up Saturday morning, all they had to think about was the sacred ceremony of getting sealed together in the temple for time and all eternity.
And I have to mention that my mom was wedding planner extraordinaire (and then some!!) She made my sister's dress (it was AMAZING!) the cake, did all the food, decore, and you get the idea! It all turned out amazing, but she had to pull out all the stops for the last daughter to be hitched.

My kids are so dirty in this picture. That's real life for you!

Of course, the getaway car had to be decorated, and filled with balloons!

Just after the temple ceremony with the kiddos.

My kids absolutely adore Hugh. We've been calling him Uncle Hugh, before we really should have been. We are very relieved everything worked out, because how would we explain it to Jackson and Avery?

What a funny little girl. She looked so cute in her clothes.

Sisters! Rhonda, Tammy and me. (I'm the oldest, then rhonda, then tammy)

Why is it that we are all looking cute and everyone had a camera, but I didn't get a good family picture out of the day. Oh yeah, it wasn't about me...... :)

Me with my cutie.

We're going on year 7- but we're still in love!

My oldest brother Tyson was here from Singapore. Him with my cute mom. It was a wonderful day, but definitely bittersweet to not have my dad there.

I had to get a shot of her with the temple behind.

Tyson, Kirtis and the kiddos pulled out silly string after the luncheon.

Trying to get away. They got their car decorated twice. Lucky!

That was the random hodge podge from my camera--- There were many more amazing pictures...... check out Tammy's blog if you're interested!