Sunday, January 9, 2011

Avery's sleeping habits

Avery sleeps best when her bed is full of her favorite toy buddies. (Note: Rocking horse, basket, baby carrier).

Here's her on a typical night arranging every single stuffed animal she owns into bed with her.
Avery sleeps best when she's near to someone she loves.

Unfortunately for her, she's the only one in the family who can sleep touching someone else. Rather than have her in our bed, or deal with the problems of her coming out of her room so much, she currently sleeps (very happily!) on the floor of Jackson's room! She knows that sleeping in Jackson's room is a privilege, and that she'll get kicked out if she keeps Jackson up, so she says every night, "I promise I won't make a peep!!"

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Melanni said...

I'm glad other little girls besides Natalie have "toy" habits like this. Natalie doesn't take her toys in her bed, but she stuffs them in bags and backpacks and takes them all over the house!