Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thanksgiving time

After Tammy's wedding we had some good quality family time. Here's all the kiddos checking out Tyson's scuba diving photos. So mesmorizing!

Game time!

Cousin love! Ruby and Avery.

Hanging out

More cousin time

Aunt Rhonda and baby Cora

Cute baby Cora! (Sorry I forgot to rotate- too late now!)

trying out santa hats

little poser. :)

Jackson and Aunt Rhonda

Rhonda and Greg's family stayed the whole week of thanksgiving. It was so fun to have them around, and the kids were seriously sad to see them go!

Just pick your favorite of all these.  Too hard to get one good shot of all those kiddos. My favorite is Ruby's face in this one, and the next one! Drama! Love it. :)

Here's a random pic I had to throw in. These kids love to squeeze together to watch TV.  We find them like this all the time. I'm knocking on wood that they keep loving each other a LONG time!


Joey and Nettifer said...

so sad we couldn't get together. I was so sad when I woke that morning to all that snow! Ugh! Then the days went by and then you were gone. We will try it again! Glad you had a good time!

Kristin and Joe said...

Wow - your sister Rhonda looks SO much like you Gina!!