Sunday, February 13, 2011

Avery's first ballet class

Avery started ballet class in January. It's pretty much the cutest thing you've ever seen. And she absolutely loves it. She's always asking me, "Is it Thursday??" (That's the day ballet class is!)

Natalie and Avery "practicing" before class starts.

Watching the tap class, waiting for their turn.

Doing so great!

Listening to Ms. Lisa

Making the snowflakes wiggle! (On the ceiling)
This class was really perfect timing for Avery. She really needed something to do this year when Jackson went off to school, but I wasn't ready for a preschool or co-op. It's fun for her to have her "own thing". And of course, as a mom, I think she's the cutest and the best little ballerina of the bunch.  :)


Veronica said...

That is adorable!! My girls are in ballet and love it to pieces. I can use it as leverage every week. Check out my creative blog to see the ballet barre I made for them this weekend. So easy to make if you want to do one for Avery! My girls have used it ever since I "unveiled it" yesterday.

Lynette said...

Avery looks so cute in her ballet outfit! isn't dance class just the cutest thing ever!