Sunday, February 13, 2011

How we told my mother-in-law the big news and Christmas morning pics

The "waiting on the stairs" picture!

Checking out the load!

Avery's stash: Remote Control Baby Dinosaur -all she wanted from Santa!

Opening some presents

I love that my kids love each other so much!

Avery with her new ballet clothes from Christmas and Belle doll

The fam hanging out at Grams house

Polly and girls in their new PJ's and snow hats.
 Here's how we told Kristi we were expecting: this was the last Christmas gift........

Right now she's this a rectal thermometer?

It's starting to process.....

Polly figured it out!!

And now Kristi! :)

Happy tears!


Veronica said...

Rectal thermometer. Hilarious!

Jen said...

What fun photos of the surprise. I also love the dino on Avery's ballerina outfit.