Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last of the Utah Pics

More snow! Yeah!!
Okay it's sad that it's taken me 2 months to finish posting these pictures!

She was easy to spot! A pink blob in all that white!
The Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum is right next to Kristi's house and the kids were BEGGING to go.  We headed over on New Years Day and it wasn't too busy.  (Sorry we couldn't meet up with you lynette-dang snow!!)

It makes me laugh that they wanted to play with the toy dinosaurs. We have so many at home!

Love the sand and water area!

Scary dinosaur faces!

Are you scared yet?

"Digging" for dinosaur bones.

The kids had a ball! I love how that museum is so designed for little kids. It seems like there's not too many indoor places out here for little kiddos. (Maybe I just don't know about them!) We have so many awesome museums- but they're not really designed for kids to explore. I guess that's one thing I miss about Utah.

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