Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Utah Pics (from Christmastime!)

The kids had so much fun in the snow! It was fun that we got some snow while we were in Utah because we haven't had very much this year in Virginia. They both stayed outside for hours and didn't want to come in (especially Avery!)

Avery and Abby all bundled and ready for the snow! Avery doesn't look happy here- but she was!

Kids messing around in the snow. There's Maddie (Alex and Polly's dog)

This was no small feat getting these giant snowballs on.

Finished snowman! The kids loved it!!

Alex (Kirtis' brother) took the kids around on the sled pulled behind their four-wheeler. So much fun!!

Avery with Emma on the sled! Again, she doesn't look like she's having fun, but she was! We told her to hold her hands up high if she was having fun, and she did the whole ride with her arms as high as she could get them.

Snow Angels!

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