Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday thoughts

Great wonderful busy week. My sister Rhonda is in town. (Everyone at church today thought she was me and Ruby was Avery. Pretty hilarious, but a little annoying for Rhonda!)

Aquarium on Friday. I LOOOOVE the aquarium with my kids. We used to have a membership, so my kids know Zoe (the zebra shark) and Calypso (the sea turtle) by name and love seeing them. Jackson brought a notebook (for observations) and a checklist to check off which type of Sharks he saw. He is so into his ocean animals- I love it. I took him out of school for the trip and didn't feel even a teeny bit guilty. It did end up  taking 2.5 hours to get home-thank you DC traffic--but still worth the trip.

My house looks like *&@8^ . If I were a swearer I'd fill in the blank there.  We seem to make messes at home, then just run over to Grandmas to play and hang out.
Every week I say, things will calm down when I get more organized and just get things cleaned out, but some very wise moms have informed me that life just doesn't calm down. My sweet husband is kind to remind me that this is the life we chose- to have kids who make messes and a house to mess up. We just need to be happy that we have those things.

I do feel so blessed. My kids are adorable and sweet and kind- with just a few tantrums (by an increasingly stubborn 3 year-old) mixed in. I am often short on patience, and I'm not by any means the most amazing mother, but my kids are  somehow blossoming despite many parental shortcomings.

Tomorrow is Monday- my love/hate day! I love it because I'm so motivated to clean and get things checked off my list, but hate it because it's the day I'm most likely to feel overwhelmed. My laundry is piled high, my floors are grimy, so I say, bring it on!

Does anyone else love/hate Mondays like me?


Veronica said...

That is funny that people thought your sister and niece were you and Avery! I've always thought the same thing looking at your blog pictures! Good luck tomorrow. I also have love hate for Mondays for the same reason!

bethany said...

I feel the same way about the damage I am certain that I am inflicting upon my children. Despite me, they seem to be doing okay too...

I'm know you are a fantastic mom!! :)

Amy said...

I agree, Mondays are hard. I am with you, I love it because it is a fresh start but then it is overwhelming too, but like you said "bring it on!" :) Your sister Rhonda played on our Intramural softball team while you were on your mission and I totally would trip out because i thought she was you sometimes:)

Marsha said...

Yes, I definitely thought your sister was you (from behind); you both wore your hair the same way yesterday which didn't help and you are both super cute! Then I saw you walking together in the hall and got it all figured out! :) I always think I can conquer the world on Monday mornings but start to feel depressed and overwhelmed mid-afternoon when only a few things have been checked off my mighty list! Mondays are still good for me because we don't have to go anywhere but that leads to my mighty list that doesn't get completed. Hope you had a good Monday! :)

Tami said...

I saw your sister and remarked how she was definitely your sister, but did not mistake her for you. Sweet, though. I have that same feeling on Monday. It is funny, we spend so much time on Saturday catching up and cleaning for Sunday, and then the kids mess it all up by the end of Sunday. You are a wonderful mom!

melbel said...

I sometimes feel like I make mistake after mistake while parenting. It's all on-the-job-training, but somehow our kids make it through!

Glad Rhonda got to come visit. What a fun time!