Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter Fun

Happy Valentine's Day!
It's good to be back to blogging. 
Here's what we did last week:

Trying to make the most of winter: 

 It was freezing last Wednesday when we decided to have a backyard weenie roast- and SO windy! I should have checked the weather - a storm was rolling in- but we still had fun! We'll have to do it again this week- we're supposed to be in the high 40's!

Saturday was such a fun day- I had a Valentine's piano recital at the nursing home in our town. It turned out so great! I was so nervous for my first recital as a teacher. My students all did fantastic- and at the end, I had one of my high school students who is a great singer, sing a song while I accompanied. The students all made valentines for the nursing home residents to give away and I made cookies to pass out as well. The parents loved it too! It was so rewarding to see all the progress my students have made! Most of them are brand new to piano, and it was their first recital as well. We will have to make it annual event!

After I got home, Jackson wanted to fly his dragon kite SO badly! It was a nice and cold windy day. (It never seems to be windy enough when it's warm outside!) So we bucked up and enjoyed watching "Mighty" fly high in the sky.

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