Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ballet Class

Avery had a ballet "performance" last week. All the parents were invited into the class to watch what they have learned. It is so much fun to watch! Avery is very graceful and takes all of it very seriously. She loves to stand right in front of the ballet teacher, and never takes her eyes off of her, always trying to do everything perfectly.

Ms. Lisa is absolutely fabulous- and pretty much the most patient lady I've ever seen!

I think they were all waiting their turns to do "grand jete"- where they get to leap over the flowers.

Ahh! Look at those pointy toes. (They practice "ugly feet"- "beautiful feet")

This is the basket- I think they just do it as a stretch. I wish I could do that right now!

She just loves her class. She wishes she had ballet everyday. She has learned all these french ballet terms, and I am always trying to remember what they are, but she knows them all. Here's a few she's learned: 

Grand jetĂ© 

Pas de chat





Dave and Stephanie said...

she is darling! i love all the bellies on the girls (accentuated by their leotards)...because bellies at that age are cute!

Kim and Steve said...

She is darling. I can't wait until I get to experience such classes with my little princess!!!