Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pregnancy Hormones

I am loving the surge of energy these pregnancy hormones are giving me right now.
The nesting instinct has hit hard and I've been cleaning out drawers and obsessing over every corner of my house, and dreaming of organization in every corner. As I'm not really a naturally organized person, it has actually kept me up at night, thinking of everything I want to do and how I can get it all done before the baby comes! I know that this feeling won't last forever, so for now, I'm trying to take advantage of all the productivity, and see how far I get.

Projects this pregnancy:
organized my closet
made labels for the kids toy bins
painted laundry room, chose fabric for a curtain and got it ordered (still need to sew the curtain)
Ripped out towel bar in kids bath and replaced with hooks
Re-organized all my bathroom stuff.
Made new file system for kitchen papers 
Started making bunkbeds with Kirtis for J and A's room. Found the plans here! I want to make everything on the site! I'm glad Kirtis is handy. :)

Still to do......

New shower curtain/rugs/stool for kids bath
Find new dresser or system for kids clothes for room sharing.
Finish Kids bunkbeds
Find new bedding and curtains for kids room
Paint Kristi's room
Paint kids rooms
Paint Piano Room
Organize the basement - (totally dreading this one!!!)
Sell tons of stuff on craigslist and ebay.
Garage- (ditto!)
....plus I keep finding more cute little projects on blogs.

Check out this beautiful quilt my friend made. She is due any day. See what I mean??


Veronica said...

For me, nesting turns me into a borderline lunatic!! But in a way I love it. Don't you just LOVE Ana White? I have made several things from that site. Good luck with the next five months!

Tami said...

Good for you! I need to come and see your home once you get this done! It was good to see you last night. Let me know if you ever want to join walking at 5:45 am. :-)

Dave and Stephanie said...

i'm going crazy organizing right now too. i've only got a month left so it's crunch time! what color are you going to paint the baby's room since you aren't finding out the gender?

JaNae said...

Yeah...I wonder how my house will ever get those amazing "lifts" without any more pregnancies. Have fun being productive...I'm excited to see all the progress!

Jen said...

I'm glad the hormones are being good to me. This last week I was just thinking what a shame it is that the happy hormones coincide with so much nausea at the beginning and physical discomfort at the end. Imagine what we could get done if we had the hormones minus those. We'd probably take over the entire world!

What a fun bunk bed plan.

Anna and Jon said...

Holy cow, I love Ana White. Problem is, we're not handy. Tell me how it goes?

Angie said...

This post made me laugh! You go girl with all your energy!

Amy said...

Holy cow! That's amazing. You've accomplished so much. That nesting instinct didn't kick in much for me on this last pregnancy, which is too bad since we'd moved into a brand new house. There's still so much to get done. :(

Jenny said...

You are amazing! Congratulations on the pregnancy! I love seeing what your lovely family is up to :)