Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring in Virginia

Spring has ALWAYS been my favorite season, but since living in Virginia, I love it more than ever. I become obsessed with all the blossoming trees, and every time a different type is in bloom, I tell myself we just HAVE to have one of those for our yard. 
When I drive around, I sometimes find my eyes wandering from the road because I am looking at someone's landscaping, or noticing the brilliant redbuds or dogwoods in bloom! Dangerous!

I absolutely adore bulbs. Last fall, I planted daffodils, tulips and hyacinth. The hyacinth are SO pretty- and so fragrant- I had no idea!) and I want MORE for next year.
I know the weather is iffy- sometimes it's freezing, sometimes gorgeous, and we've gotten a lot of rainy days (especially this year). The rain is coming down now. But I love it, even with all it's unpredictability. Something about the looking forward to new life coming just gives me so much hope and joy.  Every flower seems to be a miracle of God's love, and is a reminder to me that after hard things, comes a period of growth. 

Jackson and Avery hitching a ride with the trees when we planted a few weeks ago. I'm so glad they are getting so much rain! Hopefully they will live!!

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Leslie said...

i was just in virginia last weekend (my friend, natalie, lives in fredericksburg!). it was gorgeous, but i knew i was missing the peak! the leaves were just budding; i can imagine it's glorious when the trees are in full foliage!