Monday, April 11, 2011

Thoughts on Mothering and Childhood

I still have pictures to catch up on, but something has been on my mind! I've been thinking a lot about motherhood and how much I love the role of nurturing my kids and helping them to have the best childhood I can give them.

Saturday was such a great day. We got up early for Jackson's soccer game, stopped off at Lowe's to do a free "Build and Grow" project, then came home for Saturday morning (turned into lunch!) pancakes. The kids just love these traditions and we couldn't have a Saturday without Dad's DELICIOUS pancakes.

That afternoon it was still a little cool, but it wasn't raining. We decided to go out and finish planting the cherry trees, flowering pear trees, and forsythia we had bought a few weeks ago. ( I mostly stood around watching Kirtis doing all the digging!)
Meanwhile, the kids ran around the yard playing hide and go seek, and pretending to be pirates on their playground. Something about the day just felt so perfect. The kids running around happily just being little kids, and I can't describe it other than it was just pure joy.
I love that they were out in the fresh air, running around, using their imaginations. No funky toys or electronics involved!

I just have felt so much satisfaction in being a mom and being with my family. It makes me want marriage and family life for everyone-so they can feel that way too. I know I am in the minority in a world where kids are sometimes looked at as burdens or roadblocks in marriages, careers and personal happiness, but I think it is just the opposite. I think that being a mom to my kids is the most rewarding and important thing I've ever done.
And to add to my joy is that we have another sweet little one coming to our family!

I love the blogging world- because I get to read about so many other moms who feel the way I do about being a mother- that it is a privilege and a joy. I especially love to read Clover Lane- she does all she can to keep her life simple and ALWAYS puts her family above everything else. Such an awesome example.

I have to admit, that I didn't immediately feel the role of mom as super rewarding. It was WAY harder than I thought, and when I just had Jackson as a toddler it seemed many days the challenges outweighed the rewards. Some days I felt so defeated and wondered what the heck I was doing!  But I feel like I've grown a lot as a mom through the years (okay 6 years!) and I'm able to look past the little pains of the days and see the bigger picture more. I definitely enjoy all the little moments more. Like the funny things they say. And the way Jackson spells words like "sumareen" (submarine). The awesome rockets and ships and seamonsters they create out of legos and blocks. The kisses they blow. And the hugs that they "throw." I think I now really understand how quickly all the time passes and I want to enjoy my kids as much as I can while they are small.


Amy said...

very true gina, I was just thinking about this the other day too. I love all the little things. I totally know what you mean about kids just having a blast outside with their imagination, it brings me pure joy as well when I see my kids playing like that, just being kids. you are a great mama!! Wish our kids could hang out.

Tami said...

Great post! So true! Motherhood truly is our best and greatest career and calling in life. :-)

melbel said...

It's interesting you mention this because there has been a major pull in my life to simplify. I want to pass on things like fresh air, hard work, and family traditions too. I remember being a brand new mother (just about the same time as you!) and now that I have this new baby, my perspective on motherhood is a lot more mature. I bet you'll feel similar as you are bring in this new baby to your family!

Kristin and Joe said...

So true Gina! I love your positive comments about mothering!

Jen said...

I really enjoyed your thoughts on this. I feel the same way. The transition to three has been fun for me as I realize how much the kids are taking over my entire life, and how much I just don't mind anymore. (Most days.)