Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another random post with thoughts on our life.

Lately, life has been TOO crazy. I want to slow it down, but I'm not sure what could change at this point. 

I have been SO spoiled by almost THREE years of Kirtis having a "low key" job. He works hard at it, but it has been extremely flexible and he's been able to work from home a ton, and when he has gone into the office, he has been able to come home in the afternoon rather than the evening hours, before putting in a few more hours after the kids are in bed.
For the past month he has been commuting to DC and has to put in A FULL EIGHT HOURS in an office downtown. I know this is everyday life for most people- but I have to admit- I just don't like it! We like our daddy home! In addition, he is taking a business course at Georgetown- and it's 2 days a month (all day) but comes with reading/projects/papers etc. It just adds one more thing.

Then, his car broke down, and the repair was going to cost almost as much as it was worth. While we have been trying to figure out what to do- Buy another hybrid?-- (their prices are SO infated right now) try the one car thing for awhile? I can take him to the train station on the days I need a car?
Needless to say, it's been a lot of EARLY mornings and late nights dealing with transportation issues.
Yesterday, Kirtis found a car he was interested in, negotiated the price on the phone- then I picked him up from the train station and we went and test drove it and bought it! We SOOOO did not want to buy a new car. We have been trying really hard to live the "Dave Ramsey" way- saving until you can afford something, not relying on credit etc. We had a good run with both cars paid for. Oh well.

Also, we did get away for the weekend last weekend for our anniversary. (Honey, can you email the pictures from your phone?) We had a lovely weekend in Savannah Georgia. It was lovelier than expected and perfect for my tired pregnant body. Not too much to do- so I didn't feel guilty spending a few hours in the hotel watching TV/resting every afternoon. We have been married SEVEN years and I have to admit- although life has its bumps- our life is BETTER than I ever imagined- because I truly am the luckiest lady to have Kirtis by my side and the 2 cutest kids hugging and kissing my #3 in belly. :)


Tami said...

I was hoping you got to go away for the weekend when I saw your mom with the kids alone at church on Sunday. What a nice treat. Drew took that same course at GT, I think. It makes it worth it if you convince him to pick up some GT Cupcakes once or twice. :-) Sorry about his schedule. Hopefully it will get better soon. I miss visiting with you. We should meet for lunch. :-)

Jen said...

Yeah, I loved when Alex worked at home, too. I'm glad you got another car! I hope it treats you well. We just paid off our only car. Just in time for grad school loans. Haha.