Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

It seems I have 5 minutes about every 2 weeks to blog. I know it's all about priorities- maybe this just needs to be higher on the list. 
These are pictures from when we went to see the cherry Blossoms in DC on Conference Sunday (That was only a MONTH ago! Not bad!) 
It was pretty much a DREAMY day. Just hanging out as a family and the kids were just happy as could be and wanted to climb every tree they saw. Also, maybe it's pregnancy hormones, but when we got under all those blossoms by the tidal basin- I nearly cried from the beauty of it all. I can't believe we missed it last year. We will be sure to see it again next year!
Also, we planted a lot of cherry trees this year- so some day we can have our own cherry blossom festival!

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