Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thinking of you, dad

I have to repost this post from a few years ago. It's been 3 years since my dad has been gone, and I don't think it matters how old I get, I will always miss him. I will always be his little girl, and will never forget what a wonderful father he was to me. My faith in the resurrection is strong- and I know we will be able to be together again as a family. I just wish that my new friends here in VA could know him and what a great man he was.

______________________ Originally posted in October 2008_______________

Me and Dad. 1981
Me and Dad, 1981. Okay, Avery looks just like me as a baby, don't you think?
Me and Dad 1985. I still have chubby knees!

Last night, a friend mentioned that Avery would be going into nursery next year at church (she teaches nursery and was adding up how many children would be joining the class next year when they turn 18 months). I was in absolute denial that that would ever happen. I was actually SHOCKED that in less than a year she would be old enough to go to nursery! That combined with telling several people in casual conversation that my dad had recently passed away, seemed to leave me in a pretty volatile emotional state for the evening! I got home a wreck, my heart bursting with happiness and sadness at the same time. NO! I told Kirtis. Avery will NOT grow up! She cannot. It is not okay with me. She will stay a perfectly heavenly baby forever. My dad held her on his lap while we pushed him in his wheelchair. He held her as a newborn. When I found out Dad had passed, I had her sweet soft fresh skin to press against my tear-stained cheeks. Her new fresh-from-heaven eyes have been my connection to my dad, my gift from a loving heavenly father to help ease the pain of my dad's passing.
But life moves forward. Babies grow up. Parents die. All of this growth is part of an amazing eternal plan. But for now, we hurt and miss and ache because we love and have loved.

Dad, October 2006

I miss you, Dad.


Amy said...

gina, i loved reading your post. I never had the opportunity to meet your dad but I have heard from many people that he was a wonderful person. thanks for the reminder to treasure every moment.

Tami said...

So sweet Gina. Brings tears to my eyes. Hugs.

Veronica said...

Oh Gina, I am so sorry. When you lose someone you love SOOOO much, the pain never goes away and you always miss them. I remember when your dad died and how I picked up your sister from the airport and how she told me about the funeral and stuff. I remember thinking how horribly sad it all was, but I couldn't really "get" it. I had no idea that in less than a year, my family would suddenly "get" it. When my dear brother died in July 2009, my world came tumbling down. Joe was barely two years younger than me and I loved him like mad. I was 6 months pregnant with Devin at the time. I remember one of my only consolations was the idea of my unborn son and my sweet brother getting to know each other on the other side. And then when Devin was born, I felt comforted at the thought that he came with messages of love from Joe. {seriously I am sobbing as I type this...just thinking about it...} Anyway, the further he has gotten from babyhood, it breaks my heart a little bit because I feel like that connection to Joe is lessening. So I think I know what you are talking about. But the great thing is that I am tied to my family forever, and nothing on this earth an break that tie. Ain't it grand??

Thinking about you :)

Jen said...

I just can't imagine, but this is a lovely tribute to him. As are you.

And yes, your girl is very much a mini you from that picture!