Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fourth of July- Avery visits the ER

We had an awesome fourth of July, . We had a few friends over for hamburgers and lots of yummy food! Kirtis had bought lots of fireworks for the day and we were very excited to shoot them off. The kids had just started with sparklers when Avery tripped in her boots, and fell on top of her sparkler. She tried to get the sparkler away and picked it up. Our friend Josh got to her so quickly and swooped her up. I was really scared and wasn't sure how/where she had been burned.

Once we got her inside and calmed down, we could see it was just a small area on her thumb. We weren't sure how bad the burn was, so we decided to take her to the ER.  We decided I should go to the ER with my mom and Kirtis would stay and put on the Fireworks show. (We had told all our neighbors to come join us- and they were all just starting to show up!)

Everything turned out okay with Avery- they said it was just a very bad first degree burn, and to keep it covered and use bacitracin often. By the time we got home, the party was over. I was so bummed to miss it all! Kirtis saved a few fireworks for me- and we shot them off a few weeks later at our family reunion at the Lake.

Here's a few pictures I got before we left for the ER.

 LOVELY cupcake face. They were VERY good. :)

And a few pictures from the

She was one very sad girl! She cried the whole way to the hospital, and kept crying out for "Ga- ga!" (That's what she has called her big brother since she was a baby).  
But, once we were on our way home she was happy as can be! She didn't have to get ANY shots. She got a popsicle and she didn't have to stay at the hospital for "100 days." 
Her poor little mind was so upset at having to take a trip to the hospital. I think she thought she would never go home again. 
We were glad it was nothing too serious!

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Amy said...

So sad, the poor baby. I'm glad she didn't have to stay there for 100 days too. I hope her burn heals quickly.

ps- can't wait for the post about the NEW BABY!!