Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lucy's Birth

August 12, 2011. Lucy was born! I went in to be induced in the morning and she was born at 2:00pm. I had the best labor. The epidural turned out perfectly, and everything was just so much easier this time around. I was laughing at the end because I couldn't believe they were telling me the baby was actually coming! It seemed so much easier than the other births. 
 We were so excited to find out if Lucy was a boy or girl. Definitely made the BIRTH day super exciting!!

This was actually my second trip to the hospital that week. Lucy was born on Friday the 12th, but I thought my water broke earlier in the week on Tuesday. The doc said to go to the hospital, so I called Kirtis at work- and he came and took me in- but it was a false alarm.
The funny part is that he was giving a presentation to about 30 or so people. He told them all that his wife was pregnant and due any day, so he would be leaving his phone on. He apologized if it rang, but explained that it might be his wife calling to tell him to get home. So, I called, and they were on a break. Someone heard his phone ring and told everyone to be quiet. When he was talking to me, he said the words, "It's go time!"- and the whole group clapped and cheered- and he headed home.
Very fun story-- too bad I didn't go into labor that day!

 Stretching out before I would be in bed for awhile!
 We listened to music on the Ipad and played games and tried to figure out a boy name while we waited for the action. It was a good thing Lucy was a girl, because we didn't have a good boy name ready to go!
 Kirtis, mom and Kristi were all able to be there for Lucy's birth! We had an awesome delivery nurse. I wish I could say the same for the recovery nurses. (We left the hospital the 2nd day because they were so unhelpful.

 First bath- they wouldn't let us back for her bath- but grabbed our camera for the event. It looks like she liked her first bath about as much as our other babies!
 Jackson and Avery meeting their new baby sister!
 They were so excited! Lucy couldn't be more lucky to have J and A to love on her!
 crying baby - still cute!

 heading home! opened her eyes for a peep at the world.

 aaaw! scrunched up face!
Nothing is better than a newborn babe! She is our little gift from heaven!

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