Friday, September 2, 2011

Lucy's First 2 weeks

These are all pictures from Lucy's first two weeks...

 Avery playing baby doll with Lucy and her other babies. So stinkin cute! Lucy is not much bigger than her dollies!
 Nothing better than a wrapped up baby!

 The grams taking a break from helping with baby to play Jacks. They laughed so hard remembering the tricks from their childhood. They are both super good!
 Avery playing with her buddies- the neighbor girls from across the street: Terry and Janice

 My awesome friend Melanni threw me an amazing baby shower! I don't have other pics from the shower- but she made this AMAZING diaper cake!
 Avery is so sweet to Lucy. We had no adjustment problems! Just kids that looooove their new baby!
 Lucy loves sucking on her fingers!
 Such a GREAT big brother!
 So snuggly! Love her toesies.
 Baby asleep on dad. (Dad almost asleep too!)

 Love this one of Jackson. Can't you see how much he loves his sister in those eyes?

 These are too precious. I love these pics that my mom took of our dear little Lucy.

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Jen said...

She's gorgeous! Love the yawn on the other post. So precious. Congrats again.