Friday, December 16, 2011

December Wrap up (so far!)

My poor little blog. So neglected. Meanwhile we have been making many happy memories, but I feel like without recording them here, they just don't get the recognition they deserve. Plus highlighting the happy times in our lives helps me feel grateful for all those little things.... just another great reason to blog.
I've been on facebook more often, but find it so much less gratifying than blogging. I really struggle to post something clever and interesting in just one fantastic sentence. Too much pressure for me! Here I can ramble on as I please, and if you don't want to read it, you definitely don't have to. But if you are reading... thanks for taking the time to read about the little things in our life! It means so much to get a comment, and to know that I am blessed with so many great friends that really do care!

With that said, it has been a fantastic month so far.
The biggest event of this month was that we pulled the trigger and decided to start homeschooling. That decision could be a whole post on its own, but we've been doing it for 2 weeks and I have to admit it has been incredibly rewarding. The best benefit so far is being able to spend more time with our sweet Jackson boy. The kids have been working hard and are such amazing little sponges.  They have already memorized 3 short poems. It is so cute that we videotaped it.

Grandma Hill visited for Thanksgiving and gave the kids "magic Christmas pillows".

The kids made Gingerbread Houses with Grandma Messick
I turned 31! (And found a lot of grey hairs in the last few months! Woo-hoo!)
The kids' first day of home school
We bought new Christmas Stockings (This was a big deal to me! I wanted personalized homemade stockings, but knew I would never get that kind of project done, so we ordered them from Lands End. I was so happy I cried when they came! I know, such a dork.) Also, you can see from this pic that this was the night the kids decorated the Christmas tree! All the ornaments are on the bottom of the tree! :)
Avery has been "composing" her own music. She is always drawing pictures with music notes on them, and then dragging chairs into the piano room so she can perform for us. :) 
Lucy turned 4 months old! She is very loved!

 Santa came to our street on the fire truck!


Sarah said...

Ok, I *really* want to see the post about your decision to homeschool. You guys are so cute!

pollyhill4 said...

Gina, YOu are so amazing! Homeschool! If anybody can do it you can. THe kids look happy. I love looking at your blog. You have such a nice one with lots of pictures. Hope you have a good Christmas break.
Lots of Love, Polly

p.s. I think I still have you beat on the gray hairs!

Angie said...

Love these memories you've made. So sweet to record them! And homeschooling! WOW! Way to go Gina.

Tami said...

Wow! What a lot that has been going on. I always love to read your blog. I look forward to running again. It was good to see you and chat with you a bit at church today.

Amy said...

Ahhh, welcome to the gray hair club. Good times for sure!

This is such a fun post. Lucy is darling and your "big" kids are looking just that.

I'd also love to hear how you came to the homeschooling decision. I'm always totally impressed with moms who can pull it off. I don't think I'm one of them. So, way to go.

rawhide said...

Looks like you guys have been busy. so happy for your cute little family. good luck with home schooling!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Marsha said...

I love the cute pictures Gina. I've been wanting to get special personalized stockings too but I haven't done it yet! You will love homeschooling, I just know it! Merry Christmas!

Jen said...

I want to hear about the homeschooling, too, though I am way behind in reader, so maybe I just need to keep reading!

Angie H said...

Hey, I've been meaning to get on and comment about meeting your cute mother. She was at a reception for the Mortons and we were able to visit for a little while. You could tell how much everyone here loved and missed her and what an impact your family made on the wards. Lots of happy words about you that night.

So great to keep up with your family, I love the pictures and you've inspired me to help my kids start memorizing! I'm also intrigued by the homeschooling decision, you gotta share the story.

Hope all is well, love you lots!!