Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Springish Winter

We have had the WARMEST winter. Avery is still asking when it's going to be winter. So she is very confused about the seasons. We have only had a teensy bit of snow. A little disappointing for the kids- no sledding, no snowmen and no crunching their boots in the snow.
The trade off, however, has been FANTASTIC. We have had so many days in the 60's it's just a little crazy. Today was 65 and gorgeous. We convinced Jackson to move up to the next biggest bike in the garage. We've had it for a little while (yard sale find!) and were waiting for him to outgrow his current bike. Then we outfitted Jackson's old bike with training wheels for Avery and she was so excited to have a big girl bike!
This girl didn't miss a beat. She road and road and didn't cry when she toppled!

Jackson- just lost his first top tooth. He looks so cute!

The day was spent outside riding around! Gramma M. bought a new bike for herself, so her and Jackson went cruising around today too.


Rhonda said...

yay you blogged! I am glad that the kids are having fun in the spring weather. I need pics of Lucy now!!!

Amy said...

Wow, it's like living in AZ! Winters are wonderful! I love J with the missing tooth.