Saturday, July 28, 2012

My three cute kids

So lucky to be their mom. They are cute and wonderful and good! Age 7, 4 and (almost 1!)  Freeze please!

Happy Olympics!

We have had so much fun celebrating the Olympics. We had a fun fun day with two Olympics parties on Friday. One during the day at the neighbors', then one in the evening at our house. The kids loved playing silly yard games and watching the Opening Ceremonies (especially the silly Mr. Bean part) Theywanted to keep celebrating when they woke up this morning. Kirtis made Jackson Olympic Ring Pancakes for breakfast and he cleaned his tray! What a champ! Go USA!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jackson turned 7!

Jackson Turned 7! He had a Wild Kratts Party. Wild Kratts is an awesome show on PBS that is all about animals. He has learned so much from that show, combined with his own reading, he has become quite the animal expert. In the show Wild Kratts, they get to wear "creature power suits" that give them the powers of certain creatures. So that is what he is wearing, and you can see the design on his cake. By the way, thanks to the internet I copied pretty much all the ideas for the party!

The kids played guess the animal by acting it out.
And they got wrapped up into cocoons and emerged as butterflies.

And they played "cheatah tag" in the cul de sac.

Daddy let Lucy have cake- she of course loved it and was really blue from the icing!

On Jackson's real birthday, we had Birthday Pancakes. We are going to make this a new tradition!

Jackson is the best kid in the world. Such an awesome big brother to TWO sisters. He is really patient when Avery can be difficult and is always looking for ways to make his family happy. He is super creative and imaginative. His friends love to play with him. We are so lucky to be his parents and to have him in our family. He is growing up too fast!