Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pictures of Avery taken by Aunt Rhonda

So my beautiful incredibly talented sister Rhonda came to visit with her cute girls in September. We had a blast with them! My kids loved having their cousins here and cried when they left! (I cried too!) She is an incredible professional photographer, you can check out her website at if you are interested. She just moved to the Los Angeles area, so we were so happy to have her out here on the east coast with us! 

 Avery with cousin Ruby!
 Avery is my spunky gal!

She snapped away while she was here, we benefited greatly from her talent! Look at these amazing pictures she took of Avery! I can't believe how grown up she looks. She is definitely a gorgeous girl!

Oh my. I love this photo! Takes my breath away!


rawhide said...

I love her freckles!!!! such cute pictures.

Brooke said...

beautiful! I love her freckles! :)

Team Covey said...

Priceless! Her face is so full of pure innocence. Love it. Can't wait for our kids to play together.