Sunday, October 21, 2012

September 2012

I am attempting to keep up this blog. With the many things on my plate, it seems I barely have time to just sit and read a magazine, let alone blog. Of course that's a good thing! I remind myself that my busy-ness is all from things that I love and enjoy and that are truly fulfilling. However, I do miss blogging and the recording of all the little things that happen, the funny things my kids say, and all the fun stuff that we go and do. 

So here's a recap of our month of September.... and a couple from late August.. these are ALL from my cell phone, hence the tiny pictures. I just haven't seemed to be able to lug around the big camera since having Lucy..... I've got to get back into the habit though!

 Jackson with a lady bug on his nose at the pool. We had such a fun summer. Jackson is a completely proficient swimmer now, and a few weeks into the summer, Avery decided she was done with floaties and startedletting go of the wall and taking off on her own a little bit! I wasn't quite prepared for that, as I had Lucy to hold onto all summer.
 Avery decided to chop her own hair one day right before going swimming. She had been asking for a haircut for awhile, and finally decided to take things into her own hands! She now has bangs, and is regretting her decision to cut her hair because she is ready for them to grow out! It's hard to learn the hard way! We think she looks cute with them.
 Jackson and Avery's first day of CC (Classical Conversations) Avery is 4, Jackson is 7. Jackson is starting 2nd grade. Avery is doing PreK/K (still not sure if we will have her tested as a Kindergartener at the end of the year or not!) So far, they love it! It is just the right amount of structured classroom time.  They have made new friends and learned so much.
 Here's J and A in their daddy's tshirts. They were missing their daddy, because he went to Utah for Grandma Kristi's SURPRISE 60th birthday party. He must have missed them too, because he bought them way too much stuff from the BYU bookstore!

 They each got BYU Cougar Pillow pets, Avery got a BYU necklace and Jackson a BYU hat.
 Chinese finger trap!

 We went hiking in the Braemar little nature walk area, and the kids had to hop in the stream. One of the major perks of homeschooling is the extra play time. I love it.
 Here's Lucy enjoying her ride in the backpack!
 After Kirtis got back from Utah, he took the kids each on dates. Avery dressed up for her daddy. They went out to eat and for ice cream.  Kirtis took Jackson to hike Old Rag Mountain. (Pictures are on his phone?)  That's where Kirtis and I had our first kiss back when we were dating before my mission. I guess Jackson wanted to know EVERY detail while they were hiking. I thought that was pretty funny!
 Avery looks so grown up to me!

September 20-21 we took off for Williamsburg with our family and my mom. We just spent one night there, and visited Yorktown on Thursday and Jamestown on Friday. We loved it. It was such a perfect one night trip. The kids learned tons and had tons of fun and it wasn't stressful!

 They loved the indian village at Jamestown, all the animal skins, getting to grind their own corn, etc.

 At the reconstructed fort at Jamestown Settlement.

 We walked around historic Williamsburg each night. It was just beautiful weather. We may have to do this every September!
 Jackson started a new thing called "Running Club" it's basically cross-country running. He loves it and is making new friends! Avery also started up dance again (no pictures, yet!) .

 Lucy finally decided she likes the swing! She was really scared of it for awhile. Now she loves it and cries when you get her out of it!
 The kids like to put blankets in a book basket we have and Lucy goes and lays down inside of it. It's pretty funny!
Here's Lucy at CC at the nursery there. I thought this was so cute, she looks so grown up sitting their eating snacks. 

Lucy is full on walking now at 14 months! I will have to post a video!

We also had an awesome visit with my sister Rhonda and her girls. I will have to post those pictures soon. She is a professional photographer, so the pictures are pretty much a million times better than this! 

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