Friday, January 4, 2013

Avery's 5th Birthday Party and Christmas Day 2012

Avery wanted a princess tea party for her birthday this year. The kids went all out with pink streamers on top of all the Christmas stuff! 
 About halfway through the party we had a special visitor. Cinderella came! A cute teenager from our ward offered to come and play Cinderella and the girls loved it. They were in awe!!
 She gave each girl a special gift from the Castle. It was so cute and the kids loved it. :)

 All the girls with Cinderella
 Cake time! 

 This year on Christmas Eve the kids wanted to act out the Christmas story. Avery was Mary- Jackson was Joseph. Lucy got in on the action a little as a shephard. We even had our own baby Jesus (Tammy and Hugh's baby Caleb).

 Christmas Morning- waiting on the top of the stairs for the "all clear" from Dad!

 Lucy's first Christmas stair picture! She was woken up and not too happy about it!

 I think this pic was actually from Christmas Eve- the new PJ picture.
 The kids got spark bikes from Santa. Lucy loved them too! She got her own ride on toy too. :)
 Avery with her "Tall Cinderella Doll" from Santa

 Lucy enjoying her new doll, bottle and ride on bike.
 New Binoculars- from Santa!
 Avery brought down all her princesses to hang out with her on Christmas morning. 

It was a fun Christmas- Tammy and Hugh and Mom were all at our Christmas morning. It was a great day.
Around 10am Jackson came down hard with the flu. He was way sick and kept having the feeling that he couldn't breathe. He was scared and panicky. We got him to the doctor the next day and they gave him Tamiflu which helped a ton. He's all better now, but he will never forget the Christmas with the flu!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

December Wrap Up

 We had such a crack up with these Rudolph noses. I couldn't believe how much Lucy liked wearing it!

 Lucy cracked us up, because she would always get cross eyed with it on. :) 

 I love this one- because it shows how much Lucy loves the camera- jumping in front of big brother and sis to be in the picture!

 Aah! I gotta hang that one up!
 Santa comes to visit us on the Fire Truck every year in our neighborhood. Such a fun tradition!!
 Avery on the new 2 wheel scooter she got for her 5th birthday. She is growing up FAST!

Birthday pancakes!

 All THREE kids in the cul de sac- Lucy cries and cries when she doesn't get to cruise with the big kids. (she's not even 18 months yet!!)

 There's my sweet and sassy Avery Jane- showing off her new birthday outfit and presents!! Love her!!