Thursday, January 3, 2013

December Wrap Up

 We had such a crack up with these Rudolph noses. I couldn't believe how much Lucy liked wearing it!

 Lucy cracked us up, because she would always get cross eyed with it on. :) 

 I love this one- because it shows how much Lucy loves the camera- jumping in front of big brother and sis to be in the picture!

 Aah! I gotta hang that one up!
 Santa comes to visit us on the Fire Truck every year in our neighborhood. Such a fun tradition!!
 Avery on the new 2 wheel scooter she got for her 5th birthday. She is growing up FAST!

Birthday pancakes!

 All THREE kids in the cul de sac- Lucy cries and cries when she doesn't get to cruise with the big kids. (she's not even 18 months yet!!)

 There's my sweet and sassy Avery Jane- showing off her new birthday outfit and presents!! Love her!!

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Dave and Stephanie said...

3 things: i think logan would just about die if santa visited on a firetruck (double score)! what a great tradition! i also can't believe how green your grass still is in december. and i can't believe avery is 5! time really does fly.