Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nebraska and thoughts on blogging

Hi from Nebraska!

One of my new goals is to really keep up with blogging now that life is slowing down just a little more for me. I love how it makes me stop and think about what I have been grateful for, or to pause and think about a few things that make me happy each day. 

I also feel like I've benefited from the blogging world! I don't read many blogs anymore, but I really did when Jackson was a baby and I was still trying to figure out how to be a mom, what our family traditions would be, and how to deal with tantrums, potty training and all the unexpected hard stuff that sort of threw me for a loop at the beginning. I would read inspiring blogs by amazing women, and I felt like maybe I could do it too!

I'm definitely no parenting expert, but I have definitely learned a ton and grown immensely since beginning the mothering journey over 8 years ago. If someone else can gain a little bit of insight for their life from something I have written here, then that would definitely be a bonus. If not, then this is just a great way for our family to look back and remember all the fun and happy memories as the kids grew up.

So...... here we are in Nebraska, a small town of about 7000. So far, the pace of life is just so refreshing.  People are very friendly and take the time to stop and talk. It never takes us more than 5 minutes to get anywhere, and it is WONDERFUL! Kirtis completed his first week of work. His work is just a few minutes away, so we see him at lunch and in the morning and right after work! The kids and I have loved having more daddy time!

We were welcomed by a crazy hail storm the night we drove in. Apparently, it was just a little "baby" storm. The snow plows came in to plow away all the hail. Really, there was that much hail!  Storms and really crazy wind move in quickly, so we will have to adjust to that. 

I'm looking forward to exploring more hobbies and having more time to cook, decorate, read, run, organize fun family stuff, and maybe even have a little bit of a social life (something I never had time for the last couple years in VA!) 

The welcome signs for Nebraska on the highway say Nebraska.....the good life. We are excited to experience it in full! 


bethany said...

I'm excited for you! It would be a really nice change of pace to be in a small town. I've always thought that would be a good kind of place to raise kids too.

Are you going to continue homeschooling?

Tami said...

I look forward to keeping up with you on your blog. We miss you! We are very happy for you. We lived in Wyoming for a few years, and I loved the people we were close to and how friendly everyone is.